Backed by Blazecoin Foundation to benefit Volunteer Fire Departments

Blazecoin Features

  • 30 second block targets
  • Block rewards are 413 BLZ per block
  • Block subsidy halves once per year
  • First 100 blocks ONLY receive 13 coins - fair start
  • Premine of 1% to support development and matching grants to fire departments
  • Scrypt Algorithm
  • Only 2 confirmations needed
  • Difficulty retargets every hour (which means every 120 blocks)
  • Total coins are approximately 2,065,000,000
  • Default ports are 55414 (connect) and 55413 (json rpc)

BlazeCoin has an exciting future ahead of it. But before I go into the coin, let me tell you a little story. Did you know that a large majority of the fire departments in the United States and around the world are volunteer based. Some of those fire departments raise their operating expenses through bingo, door-to-door fundraising, "fill the boot" campaigns, and other creative ventures. But many fire departments are unable to raise the necessary funds due to zoning regulations and other roadblocks.

The average ambulance/medic unit starts at about $150,000 USD and goes up from there. The average fire engine starts at $400,000 and goes up... many times 3 to 4 times that cost. The Blazecoin foundation, which stands behind the Blazecoin, seeks to raise funds to assist these fire departments through grants for equipment and training opportunities. Blazecoin's launch included a premine of 1% which will be used for "matching-funds" during the fund drives.

Over the next few days, we will be opening up much more of the plan for Blazecoin. Blazecoin officially launched on May 23rd with a direct mailing to the International Fire Chief Association mailing list and was joined at launch with a number of local firefighters and volunteers.

So where does this 413 block reward come from? For many years, one of our developers worked as a volunteer firefighter out of station 413. This number is meaningful to him as a firefighter and we thought this would be the perfect way to honor fellow firefighters and volunteers who risk their lives on a daily basis to save others.

You can check out some pictures of the fire department our developer has been involved with over on CryptoCoinTalk.

If you write about digital currency or have a podcasting/audio report you do about cryptocurrency, we have someone always available to talk and share about how crypto/digital coins have the power to change the fundraising capabilities of volunteer fire departments around the world. Plus, we just like talking crypto. Get in touch with us on Twitter: @Blazecoin or find us in IRC at #blazecoin (freenode).

Blazecoin Resources

Windows Wallet Mac Wallet Source Code Bootstrap File

The bootstrap file is just under 300MB and will fast forward your wallet to past block 1,090,750. Remember to place the blockchain.dat file in your folder that contains your wallet.dat file and then the first time you start the Blazecoin wallet it WILL take a LONG time to finish reading the bootstrap.dat file. But rest assured, it IS WORKING.


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